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Poppy Harper The Label specialise in unique, stylish and practical fashion for little ladies size newborn - size six.

Based in Australia, owner Rennae, takes great pride in designing each piece released by the Label. Each pattern is meticulously designed with plenty of thought and consideration going in to comfort and growth spurts. Adjustable straps; elasticised waists and thighs enable the clothing to grow with your babe. Beautiful details such as contrast hems and ‘Poppy Harper’ branded buttons, make Poppy Harper garments stand out from the pack.

In 2018, Poppy Harper began purchasing unique graphics from designers and having their work custom-printed onto fabrics. Using these exclusive fabrics along with Rennae’s one of a kind patterns, is what has enabled the brand to find their point of difference in the highly competitive children’s clothing market.

Along with their high quality design process and rigorous product testing, Poppy Harper The Label are invested in doing their part to maintain a high level of ethics and sustainability in their industry. Simply by opening up conversations with her production team, Rennae has been able to ensure her team in China are paid fair wages, take holidays, and work similar hours to a standard Australian working week.

Upon learning that plastic waste from Western Australia was shipped off to China- not to be recycled, but to be burned, Rennae was again able to work directly with her team in China to cut Poppy Harper’s plastic wastage by 85%! In early 2018, China banned the import of Australia’s plastic waste, resulting in it being disposed of in landfill. As of December 2018, Western Australia still does not have a plastic recycling facility. So, Poppy Harper are determined to reduce their footprint where they can.

Poppy Harper The Label embodies the "small shop" culture and always will. Customer service and high quality, ethically made garments are the brand’s top priorities; resulting in beautiful, unique and sometimes quirky pieces that you’ll want to hand down to your children, to hand down to their children.

If you would like more information about becoming a stockist, please don’t hesitate to email us ~

PoppyHarper_TheLabel @iinet.net.au


|| About The Founder ||

“When I was 7 years old, I started collecting colourful rocks and pieces of sandstone from bush walks. I would spend hours after school, grinding them down into colourful sand and and meticulously pouring the sand into mum's old jam jars, making pretty patterns. I have no idea why I was drawn to sales at this age, however, I decided to start selling them to my neighbours for $2-$3 each and quickly began collecting a decent little wage (for a 7 year old). During this time my dad also took me to a glass factory to choose some fancy hexagon shaped jars for my work. I still vividly remember their gold lids and the feeling of taking my business to the next level...

Unfortunately, being a pretty typical 7 year old, I soon realized the hours spent grinding sand wasn't quite as fun as roller blading on the street, and my business was disbanded- for the time being.

I rediscovered my love for sewing when my daughter Poppy Harper was 4 months old. Once again my hobby was turned into a handmade business- only this time, being somewhat more worldly than my former 7 year old self, the business grew very quickly.

To keep up with demand it soon became apparent that we needed to move into production. This entailed hours of research and personal inspection of workspaces in China, to not only ensure that the work standard was aligned with our high quality workmanship, but of course to also ensure our garments are made ethically, in line with our core values.

We have been working closely with our production team for a little while now, to a point where we know about each other’s’ families and interests outside of work. We like it this way.

In addition to my passion for ethics and sustainability, I am also passionate about mental health. Poppy Harper are thrilled to support the work of PANDA (Perinatal Anxiety and Depression Australia) through the sales of our charity Totes For A Cause, which can be found listed under 'All Products' on our website.

We have big plans for Poppy Harper in 2019 and I’m looking forward to sharing those with you.”

- Rennae

Rennae and daughter Poppy Harper, wearing Stone Vintage Dress

IMAGE: Rennae and daughter Poppy Harper, wearing Stone Vintage Dress