Our Story

We welcomed our little Poppy Harper into the world in September 2015. Always smiling & dancing, she loves pretty things and to be a part of everything.

Frustrated at a lack of unique, high quality baby clothing, her mother, Rennae rediscovered her love for sewing. And so, Poppy Harper The Label was born.

Poppy Harper The Label specialise in stylish and practical fashion for little ladies size newborn - size six.

Based in Australia, we've designed our garments with comfort and growth spurts in mind - adjustable straps and elasticised waists & thighs mean our garments grow with your babe.

Owner Rennae, takes great pride in designing our patterns which are unique to our Label. Thoughtful details such as contrast hems and 'Poppy Harper' branded buttons, make our garments stand out from the pack. It is these unique details which have enabled us to find our point of difference in the children's clothing industry.

We embody the "small shop" culture and we always will. Customer service and high quality, ethically made garments are our priorities.

Poppy Harper The Label started with a work-at-home mum, spending late nights sewing solo in a garage. However, due to the amazing support from our loyal customers, Poppy Harper experienced a period of exponential growth, tripling in size. Rennae was working 7 days a week and sewing until 2am most nights. It was time to hire help in order for Poppy Harper The Label to survive! We recruited a small team of seamstresses and provided them with the patterns Rennae drafted. These lovely ladies now help us seasonally to make a portion of each collection pre-made and ready-to-send. This helps keep our turnaround time down - which means less waiting at your end! We have personally inspected the workplace of our staff, to ensure their work is aligned with our high quality workmanship standards and of course to ensure our garments are made ethically, inline with our core values.

We love being able to support other working families through our business! If you are a fellow business owner and would like to discuss wholesale stocking of Poppy Harper The Label, please do not hesitate to email us with your store name & location and we will endeavour to respond asap.

As much as I'd like to say this is a one woman show, I couldn't do it without the support of my hard-working husband.

Thank you for visiting and for your support.

x Rennae